Shop Floor Automation Solution.

Why Shop Floor Automation

Performances, productivity and efficiency of humans, machines in a manufacturing shop floor matters.  To achieve that, bridging the gap between shop floor and top floor and gaining 100% visibility by connecting machine, humans and ERP is a must.
And, with our shop floor automation solution, happishopfloor, you can even do things more than that.

Custom Solution for Your Unique Shop Floor Automation Needs

Make your first move towards lean manufacturing with our Industry 4.0 custom shop floor automation solution. 
Proactively monitor every single happening on the shop floor from a centralized, interactive real-time dashboard to   ensure flawless production leading to improved efficiency.

Why “happishopfloor” for Your Discrete Manufacturing Automation Needs

• Interactive real-time dashboard to view the complete shop floor operations to plan, schedule, allocate, monitor, track operator tasks and machine efficiency for accelerated productivity

• IoT, induction sensors to measure complete equipment (OEE) and operator performance (LE) in real time

• Predictive analytics to reduce equipment downtime or failure to improve manufacturing efficiency

• Critical equipment monitoring in production floor to prevent machine failures and downtime

• Accurate downloadable production reports for faster decision making


Our Happy Clients

Not sure how to get started with shop floor automation?

Our experts can walk you through our automation solution to help you realize how your shop floor process can be improved and create opportunities of increased manufacturing productivity, efficiency.