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Are you new to app developing industry? Do you have lots of friends and you share your ideas about app developing with them? If this is true, I am sure that you will get lots of advices as well. Some of them might be encouraging and some of them would make you doubt yourself. It is never a rule that everything others say from their experience, will fall true for you, when you try your hands on. In fact the web is filled with “Experts tips and tricks” for everything, which are nothing but a bunch of hunches.

Many developers, who are new to the field, feel often confused with so many information, which are so contradictory in nature, form seeming popular and reliable sources. So today let’s discuss about some popular myths which surround around android development and let’s try to understand if these myths really hold water or just myths to be avoided.

1.Android is not an appropriate platform for monetizing:-

This is one popular myth, we hear most often. But the fact we should look at, android by far is the most used mobile platform across the globe. Sheer number of users of android would put you in a different prospective. In fact more than 50% of the mobile users come under android camp. This implies that this platform is more than favorable for monetizing than any other platform. So why this myth? This myth came into existence because the mobile marketing companies lack innovation in marketing and monetizing strategies. The point to note is most android users might have reservations on paying for an app. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot monetize an app. There are many different types of monetizing and developers should not restrict themselves from experimenting with various new and innovative strategies. And, it’s never a big deal to find a trick to make use of these users to achieve your desired ROI.

2.Monetization is possible only for apps with magnetic appeal:-

Developing an app with magnetic appeal is important, no other thoughts in this. But will this alone satisfy the customers? Is this alone important to fill your purse? These are some of the questions which need serious introspection. It is agreeable that an app with an incredible user interface and pleasing visuals will play an important role in bringing in more and more visitors, but the aspect of functionality is equally important. If the app is practically not responding well to the users actions, or let’s say, if the call to action buttons are not performing as they should, the app will be of no use, although being an app with very good design. Users might uninstall the application, if the app is not performing as it promised. Yes, performance is very important to retain users. A good, pleasing design may bring in new and more prospects, but to the change these prospects into customers, we need an app which performs excellently and delivers what it promised. And when the app is able to retain a customer for a long run, itwill eventually change into profit.

3.Copying others will copy success as well:-

Reading success stories and keeping oneself motivated and knowing the success formulae used by others is very important. And it is good to know the happenings in the business world. But copying what other have done to attain success should be approached with a little caution. Because, the same strategy which brought success to the doorstep for others, might not work well for you, in a different scenario. And even when it works, you might not be able to a name for yourself in the business world. To gain success, you have to come up with a unique app idea. Don’t restrict yourself from exploring new ideas and think freely.
Take these stories as inspirations and but lead by being an example. To be more straight forward, don’t follow others footsteps, but rather be a trendsetter.

There could be many more myths that have been regulated in the industry. It is knowledgeable to research well to know the behind-the-scene story and then plan your next step. Happy app developing.

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