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Imagine yourself in a huge supermarket. The store is filled with thousands of products and hundreds of brands. You are walking through the aisles and trying to figure out which brand to choose for a very common product, let’s say a face wash. Suddenly from nowhere comes the sales person and talks to you about your need and their product and you end up buying the product.

This is a common scene in any supermarket. But this happening has a very good takeaway for we people. And that is “The brand which engages the customer WINS!”. This is a fact. Even if the product is inferior o its competitors, the brand can win the business, if it is able to ENGAGE its customers.

The same truth applies to mobile app world, the more your engage with the customer, the more you retain the customers. Engagement is measured by how frequently users come back to your app. Engagement can measure how often users open the app, duration of usage, number of screens used and conversion rate for events.

There are many ways to engage your customer through an app. Come on, let’s discuss some very unique and effective ways to engage your customers through your app.

1.First Impression:-

The impression your app creates, in the very first instance, it meets with the customers is very important. To be more specific, the first 10 secs, is the moment of truth, which makes the impression. If the app engages the customers within this first ten seconds, it can always get the customer come back again.

So what are some things we can do to make sure that the customer gets a very good first experience. Firstly, make sure the app performs as it promised. Then walk your customers through the app, may be a mini orientation will help, but only for first time users. Make registration on creating an account easy. These small things will go a long way in getting the user again.

2.Push notifications:-

Another good way to grab the attention of customers even when they are not actively using the app, is Push Notification. Make sure that you optimize the use of this feature. A recent study done by push technology start¬up, Urban Airship (Poq Studio’s Retail App Technology Partner), shows how push notifications can lead to:
1)540% increase in daily app opens
2)3x faster response time than email
3)30% increase in social sharing on Facebook and Twitter

Optimize your usage of push notifications with these below tips:-
1)Send reminders to users who haven’t been actively using the app much
2)Use them to inform app users of any upcoming sales or promotions
3)Send personalized and substantial content


If push notifications can be used to connect to the customers from your side, feedback gets the opposite down. Customer can contact the company through feedback. Customers can contact the app developer with grievances and complaints. This again form a very important plan of engagement, since it directly puts the customer and the brand, face to face. The best way is to take the criticisms from the customer, since it comes directly to you and enables you to look into it and solve it.

4.Loyalty programs:-

Another fantastic way to engage the user is through user loyalty programs. This tactic can be used to drive sales and user management. For example, allowing users to gain points each time they make a mobile purchase.They could then cash¬ in on accumulated points to buy another product.

Starbucks (who sold more than $1billion through their apps last year) used this concept to implement a scheme similar to airline miles. App users are able to collect digital stars and use these to earn themselves free drinks later on. Many brands use this method to retain the customers.

5.Mobile exclusives:-

One more great way to encourage users to engage with your brand on mobile is throughmobile–only promotions. Customers like to feel they are getting a good deal. As loyal consumers, they like to feel appreciated by getting that extra value from your brand. However, it doesnot always have to be a discount or offer. Offering exclusive previews to new collections, promoting the top looks of the season, tips on how to care for their clothes and news on brand events, etc., also gives consumers that extra value. Following this approach gives your customers more reasons to engage with your brand on mobile — making it the first step to building a strong digital relationship, increasing the likelihood of conversion and repeat app purchases.

Encourage your customers to share on social — this is a great way to transform your customers into brand advocates, and to generate network effect organic user growth.As you continue to engage with your mobile customers, prevent over¬messaging: tailor your push strategy to accommodate each user’s unique time of day preference, and message frequency tolerance.

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